New year: New beekeeper! 🐝

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Kristin goes from social media manager to apprentice beekeeper

Hi, I'm Kristin. Up until now, I've been responsible for what I consider the "fun stuff" at Knapp's Bees: bottling and labeling honey, this Instagram account, and riding along with Tom as an extra set of hands when he is rescuing honey bees that have made a home somewhere they aren't welcome. This year, thanks to a generous grant from the state of Virginia, I will be apprenticing as a beekeeper. Please come along on a new feature I'm calling "Newbee Tuesday" as I learn.

Week 1: I'm building the first of three new hives. It involves a lot of hammering 🔨  and gluing, plus adding a whole lot of little grommets to the wood pieces that will eventually hold the wax comb.

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