Pure, Local, and Environmentally Friendly

Knapp's Bees, LLC was founded in 2010.


Welcome to Our Family

Tom Knapp

The Scientist

With an undying passion for the health and wellbeing of honey bees, Tom is a master beekeeper, rescues honey bee colonies, volunteers his time to work with college students who are interested in the biology of honeybees, and educates anyone interested in learning more. He gets more than a few bee stings each year and doesn't seem to mind.

Kristin Knapp

Enthusiastic Partner

Once she got past her initial reaction of "You want to raise what?!?!" Kristin became an enthusiastic partner and lover of all things honey bee. She tends to help with the non-stinging parts of the business such as bottling and labeling. She also thinks honey is the best food ever and hopes to add a recipe section to this website some day.

Michael Knapp

Chip Off the Ol' Dad

Although medicine is his passion, "Dr." Michael has his first bee colony installed at his apartment in Philadelphia and is registered with the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild. He loves to study at a sunny spot where he can watch his bees thrive in an urban environment.

Emily in bee suit

Emily Knapp

Media and Marketing

Emily brings a flair for design and lends expertise in communications and digital media. She keeps the team well-supplied in t-shirts, mugs, business cards and bee cartoons. Oh, and she loves to eat Knapp's honey. A lot of it.


Arik Knapp


Arik was an incredibly talented photographer and supplied some of the photos on this site. Although Arik lost his life in a car accident in Feb. 2020, he lives on in our hearts. Miss you, number one. 💔